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Issue 38 September 2023


This issue includes:

Some white-flowered Echinopsis

Phil Crewe

Ceropegia armandii

Colin C. Walker

My attempts at Stapeliads

Chris Coombes

The genus Oroya in habitat and cultivation

Paul Hoxey

Issue 37 June 2023


This issue includes:


Colin C. Walker

Pachycereus pecten-aboriginum

Ian Woolnough

Adromischus maximus

Chris Rodgerson

Marvellous Mammillarias Part 1

Graham Evans

Issue 36 March 2023


This issue includes:

Stapelia hirsuta

Colin C. Walker

Red-flowered Gymnocalyciums

Vicky Davies

Gethyliss and their cultivation

Paul Cumbleton

The Tatacoa Desert

Alain Buffel