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Orbea hardyi

Colin C. Walker

An interesting large-flowered orbea

My first succulent plant book

Len Newton

Free with a packet of seeds from Woolworths

Haemanthus coccineus

Roland Tebbenham

A beautiful red flower

Floral development in Siccobaccatus dolichospermaticus

Tristan J. Davis

A flower opens in the plant's cephalium

Begonia amphioxus

Ray Stephenson

A true succulent begonia

Mexican giants

Ian Woolnough

Identifying some spectacular cacti in Mexico

Some succulent senecios

Ron Crawford

Ten plants which are well worth cultivating

Some survivors Part 2

Alan Tuppen

More plants that have been with the author for many years

Kruger to Springbok

Richard Torr

More travels by a tourist in South Africa

Cacti in the Patagonian landscape

Mike Partridge

Beautiful scenery and amazing cacti in Patagonia

Marvellous Mammillarias Part 3

Graham Evans

Continuing our review of the genus Mammillaria

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Some white-flowered Echinopsis

Phil Crewe

But are they Echinopsis?

Ceropegia armandii

Colin C. Walker

A remarkable dimorphic Madagascan endemic

More interesting euphorbias

Bob Potter

Plants from Ethiopia and Tanzania

Some survivors

Alan Tuppen

Plants that have been with the author for many years

My attempts at Stapeliads

Chris Coombes

Growing these amazing plants

Flowering day or night – Aridaria

David Ilet

A short introduction to an unusual mesemb

Finding Echeveria 'Crispate Beauty'

John Hughes

Searching for a beautiful cultivar

The genus Oroya in habitat and cultivation

Paul Hoxey

A genus of cacti from high altitudes

Marvellous Mammillarias Part 2

Graham Evans

Continuing our review of the genus Mammillaria

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Colin C. Walker

An introduction to these attractive plants

Pachycereus pecten-aboriginum

Ian Woolnough

Majestic columnar cacti in habitat


Ray Woodbridge

The second in our series on smaller Opuntiod genera

Adromischus maximus

Chris Rodgerson

In habitat and cultivation and a surprising hybrid

Return to Chile

Roger Ferryman

A possible new Copiapoa, or is it?

An adventure in Gran Canaria

Mellie Lewis

A visit to see aeonium species and hybrids

A little more information about some cacti

Jörg Ettelt

Ranging from Blossfeldia to Notocactus

Introducing Echeveria Part 2

Trevor Jackman

More members of this popular genus

Gardening experiences

Joel Robinson

Exotic gardening in northern England

Marvellous Mammillarias Part 1

Graham Evans

An introduction to plants in subgenus Mammillaria

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Book Reviews

Reviews of three new books

The genius of Georg Ehret

Sheila Cude

The most renowned 18th century botanical artist

When is a flower not a flower

Len Newton

When it's a pseudanthium


Ray Woodbridge

A small opuntiod genus

A quick look at seeds

Sheila Cude

A simplified explanation of seed structure

Stapelia hirsuta

Colin C. Walker

An interesting stapeliad with a hairy flower

Red-flowered Gymnocalyciums

Vicky Davies

Two red-flowered species and their varieties

Pachypodium namaquanum

Matt Candeias

The strangest South African succulent

Gethyllis and their cultivation

Paul Cumbleton

An introduction to these attractive South African bulbs

Superlatives are compulsory today

Jörg Ettelt

Cacti with attractive spines and flowers

When things were simple

Ray Stephenson

The taxonomy of the Crassulaceae

The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix

Tom Gatz

Some of the most popular cacti in the garden

The Tatacoa Desert

Alain Buffel

A visit to an amazing arid area in Colombia

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