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Arizona, Mexico...Norfolk

Ian Woolnough

Carnegeia gigantea at Eau Brink nursery

Orostachys – one, two or three genera?

Ray Stephenson

An introduction to these fascinating plants

Cumarinia odorata

Graham Evans

An interesting dwarf cactus

Growing ghosts

Michael Madders

Unusual Lithops seedlings

Sansevieria pinguicula the 'walking' Sansevieria

Colin C Walker

An interesting and attractive Sansevieria

Why I don't like Lithops

Chris Coombes

Growing Lithops from seed

More diverse succulents

Jörg Ettelt

Attractive euphorbias and mesembs

The sky's the limit

Paul Spracklin

Clearing and planting a whole new garden

Whatever happened to that Echinocereus?

Peter Berresford

Many forms of Echinocereus coccineus in habitat

Ultra violets

John Watson and Anita Flores

An introduction to the fascinating succulent violas of the high Andes

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Beautiful flowers

Jörg Ettelt

Thelocactus and other flowering cacti

Visiting punas

Elisabeth and Norbert Sarnes

In search of these elusive cacti

Pachyphytum rzedowskii

Ray Stephenson

An attractive but little-known Pachyphytum

More interesting euphorbias

Bob Potter

Plants from South Africa and Madagascar

Hatiora herminiae

Andreas Hofacker

An interesting epiphytic cactus

Three South African crassulas and the Botanical Art of Baron von Jacquin

Colin C. Walker

Three crassulas illustrated in an amazing 18th century book


Matt Candeias

A genus of interesting salty succulents

Succulents of the Haraz mountains

Frazer Henderson

A beautiful but rarely visited area

Succulents in a suburban garden

Roy Holmes

Growing opuntias and agaves in a front garden near Norwich


Richard Torr

A visit to a fascinating garden in South Africa

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xEpiphyllum 'Hellfire Again'

Frank Süpplie

A little about this amazing new hybrid

Aloes and birds

Len Newton

Some of the birds which pollinate aloes

Will no one rid me of this troublesome weed?

Tony Clifford

A look at Oxalis

The genus Cochemiea

Graham Evans

The surprising results of recent DNA analysis

Agave zebra

Keith Flanagan

A beautiful and unusual Agave

Some smaller opuntias

John Betteley

An introduction to a number of smaller growing genera

Uebelmannias in habitat

Rick Gillman

Finding these beautiful plants in Brazil

Haworthia groenewaldii

Alan Rollason

An extremely attractive Haworthia

Kalanchoe tomentosa

Colin C Walker

A popular Kalanchoe

Not just for flowers

Ralph Martin

Aylosteras are more than just their flowers

Some spring flowers

Jörg Ettelt

Including Acanthocalycium, Pelecyphora, Turbinicarpus and Pierrebraunia


Richard Torr

A visit to the reserve collection

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Rhytidocaulon macrolobum

Justin Gilbert

A fascinating Stapeliad from Yemen

Myrmecodia beccarii

Alain Buffel

The Australian ant house plant from NE Queensland

Evolution now

Ray Stephenson

DNA studies reveal ancient hybrids

Some other succulents

Jörg Ettelt

Including Tylecodon, Anacampseros and an attractive Aloe

The Reich stuff

Graham Evans

The naming of Lobivia famatinensis, or is it an Echinopsis or a Reicheocactus

Looking at Fouquierias

Ian Woolnough

Despite their size these interesting plants are often overlooked

Carl Spitzweg

Tony Clifford

A painter of cactus lovers

Hand-built cold frames

Jos Huizer

Growing a remarkable cactus collection in a series of hand-built cold frames

Stapelia glanduliflora

Mike Cullen

A Stapelia with most unusual flowers

Mammillarias – some of those that got away

Tony Roberts

Some choice but difficult Mammillarias with beautiful flowers

The succulents of Portmeirion pottery

Colin C. Walker

The story of the succulents in the highly collectable Botanic Garden range

Whatever happened to that Echinocereus...?

Peter Berresford

The story of Echinocereus radians

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