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Rhytidocaulon macrolobum

Justin Gilbert

A fascinating Stapeliad from Yemen

Myrmecodia beccarii

Alain Buffel

The Australian ant house plant from NE Queensland

Evolution now

Ray Stephenson

DNA studies reveal ancient hybrids

Some other succulents

Jörg Ettelt

Including Tylecodon, Anacampseros and an attractive Aloe

The Reich stuff

Graham Evans

The naming of Lobivia famatinensis, or is it an Echinopsis or a Reicheocactus

Looking at Fouquierias

Ian Woolnough

Despite their size these interesting plants are often overlooked

Carl Spitzweg

Tony Clifford

A painter of cactus lovers

Hand-built cold frames

Jos Huizer

Growing a remarkable cactus collection in a series of hand-built cold frames

Stapelia glanduliflora

Mike Cullen

A Stapelia with most unusual flowers

Mammillarias – some of those that got away

Tony Roberts

Some choice but difficult Mammillarias with beautiful flowers

The succulents of Portmeirion pottery

Colin C. Walker

The story of the succulents in the highly collectable Botanic Garden range

Whatever happened to that Echinocereus...?

Peter Berresford

The story of Echinocereus radians

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