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Lophophora jourdaniana

Graham Evans

A unique Lophophora

An odd Sempervivum from Bulgaria

Ray Stephenson

An interesting recent discovery

The history and flowering of Agave xleopoldii

Colin C. Walker

An attractive Agave hybrid

Termite mounds, homes for succulents

Sue Allan

What may be growing on these amazing structures

MacDougall's flower

Graham Evans

An introduction to Ortegocactus

Mammillaria mainiae

Vicky Davies

An interesting Mammillaria which some growers find difficult

Some exotics – more or less succulent genera

Jörg Ettelt

Some little known succulent plants

Sulcorebutias in my collection – Part 2

Kathy Flanagan

The second in our series on these popular plants

Aeonium and Sempervivum and a possible link between them

Mellie Lewis

Some hybrids between these genera

The sky's the limit – one year on

Paul Spracklin

Paul's new succulent garden, one year later

Tucson cactus rescue

Donna Ellis

A project to rescue cacti and other plants threatened by development

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Some erroneous plant names

Len Newton

Some succulent plants with misleading names

Queen of the Night

Richard Torr

A flowering Selenicereus grandiflorus

Looking at Lobivias

Phil Crewe

An introduction to some of these attractive plants

A few cunning strategies for times of drought

Sue Allan

Ways in which East African aloes respond to drought

Rhipsalis pilocarpa

Colin C. Walker

An unusual Rhipsalis

Looking back

Jörg Ettelt

Looking back at some earlier flowering cacti


Marie Iryna

A comprehensive introduction to these interesting plants

Managing Mexican miniatures

Graham Evans

Choice cacti from Mexico

Down by the sea

Peter Berresford

A visit to Baja California with Echinocereus and more

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Two new ways to germinate Lithops

Chris Coombes

Certainly unusual, and not really recommended

Weberocereus frohningiorum

David Rushforth

Includes some information on the original description

Echeveria cuspidata

Colin C. Walker

An attractive and interesting Echeveria

Growing Tillandsia

Alan Bryan

An introduction to the genus and how to grow them

Blossfeldia liliputana

Matt Candeias

This must be the most unusual cactus of them all

More interesting Euphorbias - South Africa

Bob Potter

Two more euphorbias from South Africa

Sowing seeds

Jörg Ettelt

Some hints on growing from seed and some easily grown plants

Rhipsalis ewaldiana

Ray Stephenson

An introduction to a comparatively recent discovery

Dracaena cinnabari and other notable succulent plants of Socotra

Frazer Henderson

An introduction to the island and some of its unique flora

A succulent garden in Kenya

Sue Allan

Sue's magnificent garden with many unusual succulent plants

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Succulent plants in fiction

Len Newton

Cacti and succulents where you would not expect to find them

Aloe duckeri

Sue Allan

An unexpected plant growing in a garden in Kenya

Crassula confusion

Chris Rodgerson

A variable plant which is often misnamed in collections

Mila – a reluctant flowerer

Vicky Davies

An interesting and attractive cactus

Growing Mexican sedums

Elizabeth Maddock

A look at some of these attractive and variable plants


Marie Irnya

An introduction to these fascinating plants

Introducing Echeverias

Trevor Jackman

With plenty of growing advice for this popular genus

First flowers

Jörg Ettelt

Early flowering cacti with beautiful flowers

Sulcorebutias in my collection

Kathy Flanagan

The first in a series of articles on these popular plants

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