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Looking at Lewisia

Paul Klaassen

Attractive garden plants which are classed as succulent

Madagascar's spiny alluaudias

Colin C. Walker

Introducing these interesting and unusual plants


Graham Evans

Searching for an elusive cactus species

A succulent plant in a coat of arms

Len Newton

The only succulent plant featured in British heraldry

Mammillaria surculosa

John Hughes

An attractive Mammillaria from the Dolicothele subgroup

Crassula streyi

Carlos Zeferino

A woodland gem with deep green and red leaves

Tulista pumila

Alan Rollason

A large-growing and handsome Tulista (previously Haworthia)

Two Florida Harrisias

Photos by Daniel Green

A photographic introduction to two little-known species

Aeoniums – growing them and knowing them

Elizabeth Maddock

Cultivating these popular plants in the UK

When things go wrong

Alan Tuppen

Some things to look out for, and some useful tips, for the greenhouse

Mammillaria formosa and friends

Chris Davies

Or why you can never have too many Mammillaria formosa

The hidden gardens of Eze

Rick Gillman

A little-known gem on the Côte d'Azur in France

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Jasminocereus – still a rare cactus?

Gordon Rowley

Article reprinted from Xerophytica No. 2 10-11 [2001] with permission of the Trustees of the Rowley Library

A succulent plant of the year at RHS Chelsea

Ray Stephenson

The true story behind the RHS plant of the year 2019

An introduction to Lachenalia

Alice Vanden Bon

South African bulbs which will add colour and interest in the greenhouse in winter

Sempervivum and Jovibarba

David Sheppard

An introduction to these attractive and fully-hardy succulents

A sensitive matter

Chris Coombes

How plants respond to touch

Growing Bulbine

Brian McDonough

A little-known genus of succulent plants

Who knew Conophytums grow on walls

Chris Rodgerson

Looking for conophytums in inaccessible places in South Africa (Part 3)

Opuntias in the USA

Adapted from The Opuntia Web with permission

Some of these unique cacti with unusual shapes and beautiful flowers

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