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First encounters of the cactus kind

Tony Porter

A humorous look at some early adventures with cacti

Introducing epiphytic cacti Part 3 – Disocactus

Alan Tuppen

Looking at some more amazing epiphytic cacti

Some smaller aloes

Mike Cullen

Some attractive aloes which will fit in any greenhouse

Shapes and structures

David Traish

Shapes and structures of succulent plants with beautiful photographs

What's in a name

Sheila Cude

Thomas Hariot, who indirectly gave his name to the genus Hatiora

Selenicereus wittii

Matt Candeias

A truly bizarre cactus from the Amazon

Socotra's island succulents

Joe Shaw

A brief introduction to three endemic species

The Dodoes – Some interesting Brachystelma

Phil Hughes

Some plants which may have been lost to cultivation

A dose of salts

Sheila Cude

Epsom salts as an easy source of magnesium

Around Argentina by bus – Part 2

Al Laius

What to do when the bus breaks down

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Fabulous flowers

Kathy and Keith Flanagan

The amazing flowers of Helianthocereus and Trichocereus

Succulent plant hunting in Britain

Len Newton

Three attractive, but sometimes overlooked, British species

The larger Eriosyce

Roger Ferryman

The magnificent barrel cacti of Chile

Grass Aloes

James Gold

A little-known group of Aloes

Introducing epiphytic cacti Part 2 – Epiphyllum

Alan Tuppen

Looking at some of the Epiphyllum species


Ray Stephenson

Hardy succulents with a caudex

Desert island plants

Martin Edwards

Which plants would you take with you to a desert island?

What is John Innes compost?

Richard Rolfe

Together with possible problems for our plants

Francis Masson

Sheila Cude

A rather unlucky plant collector

Two interesting Euphorbias

Bob Potter

Plants from South Africa and Madagascar

Around Argentina by bus – Part 1

Al Laius

A different way to see cacti

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The curious case of a Cardon Grande

Paul Spracklin

A magnificent cactus growing in Paul's exotic garden

An acquaintance with Adromischus

John Betteley

An introduction to some of these beautiful and fascinating plants

An introduction to Graptopetalum

Elizabeth Maddock

A look at a somewhat underrated genus of attractive plants

Introducing epiphytic cacti Part 1

Alan Tuppen

The first of three articles looking at some of these interesting plants

A return to Asclepiads

Peter Cupial-Jones

The on-going attraction of these fascinating plants

Who knew Conophytums grow on walls?

Chris Rodgerson

Part 2 of the series on looking for and photographing plants in South Africa

Cold frames are good for cacti

Kathy and Keith Flanagan

Growing hardy cacti outside in cold frames

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Conservation – What does it mean?

Roger Ferryman

A personal view of the impact of man's activities on the cactus habitats of Chile

Othonna cremnophila

A note on an interesting plant photographed on the Rosyntjieberg

Growing aztekiums from seed

David Quail

Growing these choice plants from seed based on years of experience


Paul Shirley

An introduction to the genus based on plants in the author's collection

The beauty of hybrids – revisited

Peter Cupial-Jones

Some more stunning hybrid cacti from Peter's collection


Brian McDonough

A fascinating genus of winter-growing plants from South Africa

Building a garden

Melissa and Keith Scott

The story of an exotic garden in Norfolk

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