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(Other) Favourite plants

Peter Cupial-Jones

A look at some dwarf rebutias.

Who knew Conophytums grew on walls

Chris Rodgerson

Photographing plants on sheer cliffs in South Africa.

Some true Turbinicarpus

Graham Evans

A look at the T. schmiedickeanus group

The first Agave to flower in England

Tony Clifford

A report from 1758.

Building a greenhouse

Chris Coombes

Not as straightforward as you might think.

Training at Kew

Kath Farrell

Training to be a horticulturist at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Seed dispersal

Jo Shaw

Some notes on the factors which affect seed dispersal taken from Oblog.


Phil Hughes

A series of intricate drawings of the Dorstenia species.

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Czeching it out

Ian Woolnough

Visiting two leading Czech nurseries.

Adenia – Part 2

Nick Gash

Describing some of the many different types and forms in this fascinating genus.

What I'm interested in today

Ian Thwaites

Ian talks about how his collection and interests have developed.

Legends of the saguaro

Sheila Cude

Some legends and beliefs relating to this iconic cactus

Two interesting Euphorbias

Bob Potter

The third article in this series looking at two more euphorbias from Zimbabwe and Madagascar.

Western Flower Thrip control

Don Smith

A suggestion for controlling this pest.

Ferocactus lindsayi

Paul Klaassen

A look at this attractive plant which was only discovered comparatively recently.

A visit to Le Jardin Exotique

Paul Klaassen

Mainly photographs of this stunning garden.

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Sclerocactus – impossible or just very difficult?

Colin Parker

A look at some members of this difficult genus and how the author grows them.

Adenia – Part 1

Nick Gash

An introduction to the genus and its cultivation.

Flowering Boophone disticha

Brian McDonough

The amazing flower of this South African plant.

Haworthia junction – a four way crossing

Dave Appleton

A picture gallery of hybrid haworthias crossed from four choice species.

How I control mealy bug

Philip Greswell

The author's recommendation based on experience.

Charles Lemaire and the Iconographie descriptive des Cactées

Sheila Cude

An overlooked 19th century botanist illustrated with plates from his best-known work.

Cactus Crawl 2018 – the French fling

John Watmough

The annual trip to the continent to buy plants.

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Epiphyte or not?

Paul Klassen

Some cacti growing in unexpected places.

Chilean Cinderellas - Thelocephala

Roger Ferryman

A group of Eriosyce which is often overlooked.

What is a well-drained growing medium?

Richard Rolfe

The author describes an experiment to see how different growing media perform.

My Stapeliad collection

Mike Cullen

Mike Cullen talks about his collection of Stapeliads.

The return of the Rapicactus

Graham Evans

A review of the genus Rapicactus.

Hardy bromeliads

Paul Spracklin

Interesting and exotic additions to the garden.

Puya raimondii

Joe Shaw

The world's largest bromeliad.
Taken from Oblog

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