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The Oreocereus of Peru and Chile

Paul Hoxey

An overview of the genus Oreocereus found in the Andean mountains of Peru and Chile.

Poisonous aloes in East Africa

Susie Allan

Three poisonous aloe species found in East Africa and a little about the people who collected them.

Growing aeoniums

Elizabeth Maddock

Remarkably varied plants which are winter growers in their natural habitat.

Trotsky - cactus collector

Peter Micklethwait

As a political refugee in Mexico Trotsky collected cacti and agaves for his garden.

Hardy Aloe

John Hayward

How this Aloe acquired at a surplus plant stall has grown in the author's garden.

Gymnocalycium spegazzinii in Argentina

Rick Gillman

A look at the varied forms of G. spegazzinii in one area of Argentina.

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Kathy Flanagan

Some of the plants in Kathy Flanagan's extensive collection and some cultivation tips.

Hybridising Aloes - doing it my way

Sascha Meyer

A resident of Sri Lanka, Sascha Meyer experiments with hybridising aloes.

Two interesting Euphorbias – Madagascar

Bob Potter

A regular visitor to Madagascar, Bob Potter undertook a 17km trek to reach the habitat of these fascinating plants.

Werckleocerus tonduzii

John Hayward

An unusual cactus growing in the corner of the author's greenhouse.

Melocactus and the lizard

Joe Shaw

How Melocactus violaceus has developed a mutually beneficial relationship with the lizard, Tropidurus torquatus.
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Exploring along the Orange River

Chris Rodgerson

In 2015 Chris Rodgerson documented the plants discovered on a trip along the inhospitable banks of the Orange River in Namibia.

More sleuthing in Central Mexico

Paul Spracklin

A quest to find Yucca queretaroensis, perhaps one of the most beautiful of yucca species.

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Le weekend

James Gold

A trip to the French National Show.

Sansevieria cultivation

Al Laius

Sansevieria make great houseplants as long as you observe one simple rule – they like to be as warm as you do.

Akersia roseiflora

Peter Clayton

A relatively unknown species which defies classification. Is this the end of the story?

Glass cacti

David Swinden

A unique blend of art, science and craftsmanship that inspires all who see them.

Solving a riddle on Cerro La Laja

Paul Spracklin

In search of a natural hybrid Agave.

Growing Epithelantha from seed

Tony Roberts

Small, solitary and slow growing cacti. Growing from seed is rewarding – all you need is time and patience.

The Brexit Tour

John Watmough

The annual 'Cactus Crawl' to continental nurseries.

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Paul Klaassen

Three 'fog-deserts' – the Atacama Desert, Baja California and Namibia.

Fat tree philately

Rick Gillman

How the baobab tree and similar succulents have featured on postage stamps. 

Some interesting Euphorbias – Zimbabwe

Bob Potter

Some beautiful euphorbias from Zimbabwe.

Mary Emily Eaton

Sheila Cude

The life of botanical illustrator Mary Emily Eaton familiar to cactus growers for her illustrations in Britton and Rose's 'The Cactaceae'.

The Creosote bush

Peter Clayton

Perhaps the longest living life-form on Earth.

Day trips for conophytums

Chris Rodgerson

Setting out from Springbok – Chris Rodgerson goes in search of  conophytums and other succulents.

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