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Highlights of Baja California

Angie Money

Hotels, good food and interesting plants in San Quintin, The Cataviña Boulderfields, La Ventana and Isla Cerralvo.

Cacti Cards

Tony Clifford

A collection of full-colour illustrated cards issued by Lamberts of Norwich in their packets of tea.

The flowering of Aloe erinacea

Philip Greswell

How the flower of this Aloe develops.

Winter wonders - three small mammillarias

Tony Roberts

Some Mammillaria gems which flower during the winter months.

Keeping a record

James Gold

Good advice on how and why to organise your records.

Gardening with succulents – Smaller cacti

Paul Spracklin

Part 6 of Paul Spracklin's series of articles on growing outdoors, dealing with smaller cacti.

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Like it or lump it - Madagascan caudiciforms

Al Laius

Plant hunting in Madagascar and some of the amazing caudiciforms which grow there.

E A Bowles - horticulturist and cactus grower

Sheila Cude

Well-known to gardeners as a horticulturalist, writer and artist  E A Bowles also grew cacti and succulents at Myddelton House in North London.

The day of the Triffid

James Gold

A puzzled James Gold tries to make sense of his 'Triffid' – otherwise known as Euphorbia venenifica and finds that there is no consensus even among the experts.

Gardening with succulents – More smaller succulents

Paul Spracklin

Part 5 of Paul Spracklin's series or articles on growing outdoors deals with Mesembs and some other smaller succulent plants.

A symphony of synonyms

Graham Evans

An aficionado's 'simplistic' overview of Eriosyce – a hugely attractive free-flowering South American genus.

Rimacactus laui - a genuine oddity

Sheila Cude

Strangely producing a cloak of white 'wool', the genus has a reputation for being difficult to cultivate.

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The beauty of hybrids

Peter Cupial-Jones

Some of the amazing hybrids of Echinopsis, Trichocereus, Chamaelobivia and Hildewintera.


Eddy Harris

A region in the Eastern Richtersveld of South Africa which is particularly rich in succulents.

Did dinosaurs eat cacti?

Sheila Cude

When did the very first cacti start to evolve?

Cactus Crawl 2016

John Watmough

Another amusing account of the annual Cactus Crawl.

Cacti which grow on rocks

Joe Shaw

A number of mammillarias have the ability to colonise rocks. Taken from Oblog

Gardening with succulents – More smaller succulents

Paul Spracklin

Part 4 of Paul Spracklin's series looking at a wide variety of smaller succulents.

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Gardening with succulents – Creating a tapestry

Paul Spracklin

Part 3 of Paul Spracklin's articles on exotic gardening looking at more larger succulents which can be grown outdoors.

The genus Calymmanthium

Sheila Cude

Calymmanthium can be described as 'primitive tree-like cacti' with a unique flower.

Hairy Old Cow's Tongue cactus

Roger Day

An extremely hairy Opuntia with an uncertain origin.

The cultivation and propagation of gasterias

Tony Roberts

Advice on growing Gasterias – a forgiving and relatively easy plant to grow and only slightly more difficult to grow well.

The first cacti in Europe

Sheila Cude

Some of the earliest references to and illustrations of cacti in 16th century Europe.

Ficus palmeri var. palmeri

Philip Greswell

Different ways to cultivate this interesting plant.

My Chilean diary 2015

Angie Money

Part 2 of the author's diary of a trip to Chile.

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