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My Agave collection

James Gold

The author's collection of agaves and how he first began to grow them.

The succulent Yucca

Len Newton

The most succulent of the Yucca species, together with the amazing pollination system of Yuccas.

Senecio velatus

Philip Greswell

An overlooked plant in the author's collection bursts into flower.

A constellation of Astrophytum

Stirling Baker

Astrophytum are easy plants to cross-pollinate which has led to some fantastic cultivars, many originating in Japan.

The old Saguaro cactus - stolen or faked

David Swinden

How the prized Saguaro is protected from theft. But some of those you see might be faked.

My Chilean diary 2015

Angie Money

Part 1 of a day by day diary of a three week journey to Chile.

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Autumn in the USA

Roger Day

A trip to the Arizona Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.


David Offord

A grower experiments with Acadama, baked and aerated clay, in an effort to find a better potting mix.

Cacti at Chester Zoo

Jo Adderley

An introduction to the cactus collection held at Chester Zoo which includes national collections of Copiapoa, Matucana and Turbinicarpus.

Strophocactus chontalensis

John Hayward

An exceptional plant in the author's collection.

Gardening with succulents – Creating your framework

Paul Stracklin

Part 2 of Paul Spracklin's series of articles in which he describes the larger plants that form the framework for a garden.

Huernia pendula

Sheila Cude

A naturally pendant species which grows well, if rather untidily, and flowers throughout the summer.

A garden centre gem - Parodia mairanana

Sheila Cude

Found in any garden centre a look at a possibly much underrated plant.

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The genus Turbinicarpus

Philip Andrews

A look at the genus Turbinicarpus with cultivation notes and some interesting hybrids.

A sounding of silence

David Offord

A trip to the Organ Pipe National Monument in Arizona produces an unforgettable experience of quiet contemplation.


Chris Coombes

A look at chimeras and how they are produced.

My Aeonium diary

Roger Mann

Aeonium enthusiast Roger Mann talks about the aeoniums in his collection.

How long will cactus seeds live?

Joe Shaw

In cultivation cactus seeds can survive a long time in the right conditions. Taken from Oblog

Contintental Cactus Crawl

John Watmough

This year's Cactus Crawl to Germany and Holland.

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Rebutia and DNA

Ivor Crook

DNA technology has changed the classification of rebutias. Ivor Crook asks are there answers, or simply more questions?

Gardening with succulents – Introduction

Paul Spracklin

An introduction to Paul Spracklin's six-part series of articles on exotic gardening.

Sarcostemma insigne

Philip Greswell

Profile of this unusual plant with pretty scented flowers.

Gasterias galore!

Tony Roberts

Some of the gasterias in the author's collection and how he became interested in these fascinating plants.


Chris Coombes

Always popular within the hobby, some plants exhibit true variegation, but some can suffer 'false' or 'stress' variegation.

Matucana intertexta

Sheila Cude

Another garden centre plant which produces dramatic orange flowers.

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