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Some Tephrocacti in flower

Tony Roberts

A selection of tephrocacti from the author's collection highlighting the beautiful flowers.

Hybrids - art vs science

David Offord

The second part of David Offord's article on hybrid haworthias.

Photographing Carnegiea gigantea

David Swinden

On a trip to Arizona David Swinden photographed the saguaro cactus, which can grow to 30ft high.

Stapelia gigantea

Philip Greswell

The spectacular flowers of Stapelia gigantea, the largest flowers in the genus.

Claudius Galen (Galenus)

Charles Staples

Claudius Galen, after whom the genus Galenia was named, and a little about this rather unpopular genus.

Caudiciform plants

Paul Shirley

A look at a selection of these fascinating plants including some less well-known genera.

The Unthank you note

David Offord

A light-hearted take on the 12 days of Christmas.

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Chris Coombs

The second article in the series on 'the weirdos' of the succulent world. This article deals with cristates.

Haworthias - haute and hybrids

David Offord

The author looks forward to the day when well-grown horticultural hybrids are accepted in the same way as species plants.

My buddy - Stapelia hirsuta

Sheila Cude

A little about this fascinating plant found in a garden centre.

Madagascar in September

Roger Day

The author reflects on a long-planned trip to southern Madagascar.

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Acanthocalycium violaceum

John Grourk

Flowering for the first time in 2013 this plant produced a stunning show.


Chris Coombes

A love of all things strange has prompted the author to acquire a collection of oddities. This article deals with monstrose cacti.

A brief history of the genus Mammillaria

Charles Staples

CSSA Historian Charles Staples discusses the history of the genus and the first known Mammillaria species, M. mammillaris.

Two plants flowering

Philip Greswell

A change of location and a cold winter helps two plants in the author's collection to flower spectacularly.

The 16th Waltham Forest Cactus Crawl

John Watmough

The annual trip to continental nurseries. 

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